Muskoka Pilsner Light Can and Glass

Hear the word “Muskoka” and do you think cottages or beer? If it’s the latter, read on.

London Free Press

April 12, 2016, Wayne Newton, Special to Postmedia Network

Muskoka Brewery, the Bracebridge-based purveyors of some of Ontario’s gems such as Detour, Mad Tom (unless you’re my wife) and Summerweiss (back May 1) is marking a milestone.

Founded as Muskoka Cottage Brewery in June 1996 by Gary McMullen and the late Kirk Evans, Muskoka has a couple of things up its sleeve as it celebrates two decades of stellar craft brewing by both looking back and looking forward.

They’ve just launched a contest to decide which retired beer recipe they should bring back for an encore, as well as a series of collaborative beers with four other craft brewers.

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Find out more about the Bring It Back beers on Muskoka’s blog, Venture Off The Beaten Path, then cast your vote on their Facebook page.

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