View of Cabot Tower on top of Signal Hill in St. John's, Golden Hour

Photo: Michael Allen

On Saturday, June 4, Posterjack hosted a national photography project where over 100 photographers from the Northwest Territories to Newfoundland joined together to capture Canada’s Golden Hour – the magic hour shortly after sunrise or before sunset.

Stunning photos capture the ‘golden hour’ across Canada

CTV News

July 01, 2016, Staff

On Saturday, June 4, thousands of photographers fanned out across the country to capture the best image of their cities, towns and villages shortly after sunrise or just before sunset.

The result is a stunning collection of images sponsored by Posterjack, a photo printing company that wanted to showcase the beauty of the country ahead of Canada Day celebrations.

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It’s Impossible To Not Fall In Love With Canada At Golden Hour

Huffington Post

July 02, 2016, Zi-Ann Lum

Lost in our own little pockets of Canada, it can be very easy to forget the dizzying diversity of the nearly 10 million square kilometres of land we call home.

There’s a magical moment, just after sunrise and just before sunset, where an unmistakable golden light washes over a landscape, illuminating the tops of trees and curves of buildings in an ephemeral glow. Photographers call it golden hour.

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Instigating for Munchkin Baby!

We’ve turned our brand crush on MunchkinBaby into a new client relationship. Munchkin Baby creates smart, colourful and playful products that make life easier for today's parents. Founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, Munchkin has always placed great emphasis on innovation,...

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