Do you kiss and tell? Would you, if it scored you free fries?

This Valentine’s, New York Fries is asking fans to peck, kiss or #FrenchYourFries on Snapchat.

From February 8th to 14th, when you snap NYF_Official a pic or video of you kissing your New York Fries (either drawn or real), you’ll get a coupon for a free regular fry! Because, let’s be honest, why sext when you can frext?

To win you must be one of the first 100 fans to snap NYF_Official a picture of you “kissing” your New York Fries, tagged with #FrenchYourFries. Winners will be notified directly through the Snapchat app.

Now on Snapchat at NYF_Official, New York Fries will be serving up snaps and stories as hot as their fries.


About New York Fries  

New York Fries is a Canadian retail chain specializing in premium quality, fresh-cut fries and poutine. Located in all major Canadian malls, the 161 unit chain has successfully expanded to Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, Macau, Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain with 39 international units. New York Fries was recently acquired by Cara Operations Limited, one of Canada’s leading branded restaurant companies. For more information, visit




Marketing Magazine

Feb 10 2016, Russ Martin

The brand is asking consumers to “French” their fries on Snapchat.

New York Fries is asking consumers to pucker up ahead of Valentine’s Day.

On Feb. 8 the brand launched its first-ever Snapchat promotion, inviting consumers to send it a “snap” (a direct photo or video message) of themselves kissing fries in exchange for a coupon of free fries.

The promotion is the reincarnation of a prior couponing program, according to New York Fries brand manager Alyssa Berenstein. In the past, New York Fries offered cheeky coupons on Valentine’s Day that said things like, “Treat your lover to a poutine.” This year, the brand decided to take that sentiment to Snapchat in order to reach a younger audience.

Berenstein said the brand is targeting the 13 to 25-year-old demographic, which is the sweet spot for Snapchat. “What was attractive to our brand about Snapchat is the fact it targets such a younger demographic that isn’t active on Facebook or Twitter for the most part,” she said.

New York Fries is offering coupons to the first 100 users who send it a snap of them kissing fries.

The promotion is designed to build the Canadian brand’s presence on Snapchat. In addition to the promotion, the brand is also starting to create Snapchat “stories” – a format that allows Snapchat users to piece together several photo or video snaps into a chain contained in a single post.

Moving forward, Berenstein said her team is considering further Snapchat promotions, including Snapchat takeovers that may see popular users of the app take over New York Fries’ account.

At this time, she said the brand’s not using any paid advertising on Snapchat.

New York Fries is one of several Canadian brands experimenting with Snapchat, which launched in 2011 and has gained consumer adoption over the past two years. However, Canadian marketers have been slower to adopt Snapchat as a marketing channel than their U.S. counterparts. (Last month Marketing asked media and marketing experts about their use of Snapchat – read that here.)

New York Fries’ PR and social media agency, Instigator Communications, led the campaign.


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Strategy Online

Feb 04 2016, Harmeet Singh

Forget sexting on Snapchat. Apparently, showing your love for your fast food is where it’s at.

New York Fries has created its first Snapchat contest ahead of Valentine’s Day, asking consumers to share photos of themselves really loving their fried spuds.

Starting Monday and running to Valentine’s Day, the brand will be asking Snapchat users to share pictures of them kissing their fries (real or animated) with the New York Fries account, using the hashtag #FrenchYourFries. The first 100 users to share their photo will win a coupon from the QSR.

New York Fries worked with Instigator Communications on the campaign. Currently, it’s driving participation to the contest through cross promotion on other social platforms and through bloggers and other online media outlets.

The brand first launched on Snapchat Jan. 25. This is its first contest for the brand on the platform, and it plans to team up with influencers who can be part of its executions on Snapchat and who might perform account takeovers.

Last September, following its purchase by Cara Operations, the brand launched a giveaway where customers could win a 24-karat gold-plated poutine fork and free order of its Bacon Double Cheese Poutine if they could order in pig Latin. The campaign, which included radio from Juniper Park, was part of its strategy to become more of a meal destination, as opposed to snack only.


New York Fries Snapchat Takeover

Casie Stewart

Feb 16 2016

On February 16th 2016 Casie partnered with new York Fries for a Snapchat takeover. On Feb. 8 the brand launched its first-ever Snapchat promotion, inviting consumers to send it a “snap” (a direct photo or video message) of themselves kissing fries in exchange for a coupon of free fries. Snaps were to include the #FrenchYourFries hashtag.

Casie used Twitter & her personal snapchat to announce the partnership the day before taking over the NYF official account. Her Snapchat story included images and video.

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